Balti Dishes are stir fried in a wok-like pan called a Korahi and brought to your table in the same pan. The food is aromatic and spicy, but not hot and should always be eaten with a Nan bread or Chapati or Pilau rice. Traditionally rather than cutlery the breads are used to scoop up the food straight from the Korahi.


Balti Special Mixed

Tikka Chicken, Tikka Lamb and King Prawn


Balti Chicken Tikka


Balti Lamb Tikka


Balti Chicken


Balti Beef


Balti Lamb


Balti Rashun

Choice of chicken, Beef or Lamb


Balti King Prawn

cooked in chefs special sauce


Balti Chilli Fairly Hot


Balti Vegetable

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